Wednesday, July 04, 2007

More Shooting Fun

So a couple of weeks ago I loaded some more ammunition for the Kimber Stainless Target II and it was off to the range day before yesterday with it. Lucky for me I beat the rain...
155-grain Hornady XTPs in front of 14.3 grains of Accurate No. 9 for a muzzle velocity of about 1350 fps, give or take 5-10 fps. Monday I was averaging about 1346.2 fps, but with an extreme spread big enough to drive a truck through...83 fps, which means I was driving them out at anywhere from 1300 to 1383 fps. I think I might have narrowed down the problem a little bit, though
I've heard people say here and there that if you put a tighter crimp on the round, it helps to cut down on that, so I tried that and still it didn't help. Not sure when I'll be doing it, but some gun mods will be in the future..flat-bottom firing pin stop, stiffer mainspring & recoil spring to delay unlocking. I've heard all those help as well, with another benefit -- slowing down the slide so it doesn't throw the brass so far. I recovered about half of mine yesterday, which was pretty good, but still I wish I could have done better. Such is life, though...and the fun with the 10mm is more than worth chasing the empties. ;-)