Sunday, July 01, 2007

I Get Referrals...

from Connecticut, just a few minutes ago, from a search for "line paying my dues larry cordle." I could be wrong, but I think the song they were looking for is Ricky Skaggs' mid-'80s hit "Highway 40 Blues," which, of course, was written by Larry Cordle:

Well, these Highway 40 blues,
I've walked holes in both my shoes.
Counted the days since I've been gone,
And I'd love to see the lights of home.
Wasted time and money too;
Squandered youth in search of truth.
But in the end I had to lose,
Lord above, I've paid my dues.
Got the Highway 40 blues.

Awesome song and record, a killer country-bluegrass hybrid. Ricky Skaggs was another of my favorite 1980s hitmakers, a true talent. I have the Super Hits from him in my collection, with all those songs from the '80s. I might just have to pull that out today.