Saturday, April 07, 2007

Random Thought on a Saturday Morning: Doonesbury and Mitt Romney

Yes, God help me, I actually read that horrid strip now and then...Garry Trudeau's work is just like a car wreck, in that you just can't help but look on occasion. This week he's poking fun at Mitt Romney for his flip-flops on certain issues, and I'm sure he's grinding his teeth as he's drawing those strips, because what he's saying mirrors the beefs that more than a few conservatives have with him. Bad as I hate to say it, Trudeau actually gets it right for once, but I guess that's basically the broken clock being right twice a day. The smart money says he's doing it just because Mr. Romney's one of those mentioned as a favorite to win the GOP nomination. I really don't see him holding somebody like Ron Paul up as an example to be set, though Dr. Paul is arguably the most principled individual to walk the halls of Congress in I don't know how long.
For what has to be the best takedown of Trudeau I've ever seen, though, click here.