Saturday, April 07, 2007

Brilliant Reading Material

Via David Codrea, we have this from Mike Vanderboegh, a personal email to "scholar" Benjamin Wittes in response to his call in The New Republic to repeal the Second Amendment. A snippet:

I have no doubt, Ben, that you have been inundated with all manner of disputatious email, some likely obscene and/or incoherent with anger. The passion this issue excites is understandable, touching as it does upon the bedrock of the Founder's Republic and the future of our children's liberty. But beyond the sneering and the anger, no matter how contemptible and silly it may seem to you, these people, MY people, the people who believe in the Founder's Republic and the plain language of the Constitution, ARE willing to die for their principles. And a man who is willing to die for his country is most often willing to kill for it too.
Read it all, every word, for it's pure brilliance. And while you're at it, also take a look at Vanderboegh's excellent essay "The Window War." I read this some time ago but had forgotten about it until David mentioned it. It's also worth every moment of your time.