Saturday, April 07, 2007

More Reading: Funny But True!

Just for grins when I was over at David Codrea's place, I clicked through the other posts that linked to his guest editorial from Mike Vanderboegh, and at ...a republic if you can keep it, I found this gem (from "Amazing Beliefs" author Michael Z. Williamson). Another snippet:

The GLOCK is feared by liberals. It's called "plastic" and "ceramic" and "capable of going through airport metal detectors." If this were true, it would be the coolest gun on Earth. But these things are total lies, and serve to point out that liberals are not men, and have no honor. The GLOCK has a plastic frame molded over a kilogram of metal (84% of the weight is metal), and will in fact, show up on any metal detector. So will the dense plastic.

Yes, the correct spelling is GLOCK. GLOCK insists so. As they are men and wish to loudly announce themselves, this should always be respected.
Funny stuff. Read it all! And yes, the 1911 ranked higher. ;-)