Thursday, April 05, 2007

I Get Referrals

So I was looking at ye olde Site Meter a few moments ago and found someone was sent this way by a search for Springfield Armory Parkerized care.
Once upon a time I wondered about that as well, if it needed specialized care compared to other types of finishes. I asked my friendly local FFL if it needed any kind of different care compared to a stainless finish and he told me it didn't, so each time after I shoot my parkerized pistols, I strip them down and clean them just as I would any of my other guns, topping it all off with a good rubdown of oil, and the finish has held up very well, so well I would go so far as to say the finishes on my two parkerized 1911s are as good as they were the day I got them. Granted, they're range guns more than anything else, but Xavier had an interesting post on the maintenance of parked pistols here. I don't know how much of the oil and such has been stripped from my guns, considering I do use Hoppe's on it but re-apply oil after I am done cleaning, but as I say, the finishes have held up well. If I were to carry a parked pistol the way he describes, in the coastal Texas humidity, though, I would not hesitate to apply the treatment he lays out. No doubt I will before it's all said and done.