Monday, January 08, 2007

Confronting A Criminal: The VCDL Goes On the Offensive

From Sailorcurt:

(New York City Mayor Michael) Bloombergs lawsuits have already run two Virginia gun dealers out of business. If his (probably illegal) activities are allowed to go unchallenged, it will only embolden him to file further lawsuits in an attempt to shut more small businesses down. The ATF has already acknowledged that his "sting" operation was potentially illegal and some have hinted that it interfered with ongoing criminal investigations.

And the Virginia Citizen's Defense League is stepping up in a big, big way.:

Let me prefix this with the following new information - another
Virginia gun dealer is going out of business thanks to Bloomberg:
Franklin Rod & Tackle in Rocky Mount. Bloomberg's spokesman said
quite piously a few months ago that Bloomberg didn't want to put gun
dealers out of business.

We know better.


Maniacal New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors'
Coalition Against Illegal Guns will be meeting for a one day
"National Summit" at the DC Capitol Hilton (corner of 16th and K at
1001 16th Street NW) on Tuesday, January 23rd - see

Bloomy's summit runs from 9:30 AM until 2:30 PM followed by an
evening reception at 5 PM at the Capitol Hilton.

VCDL's headquarters will be at the nearby Crowne Plaza Hotel at 14th
and K, where at 2:00 PM we will rally members and hand out picket
signs, and march on to the Capitol Hilton 2 blocks away to begin
protesting. ...

Click the links above for more details. Good bless you folks for standing up to that goon. If any Readers have the time and funds to make it, please do.