Friday, January 12, 2007

Best News of the Young Year!

Via JR over at A Keyboard and a .45, and several other bloggers, comes this excellent, excellent news:

Ron Paul, the iconoclastic nine-term congressman from southeast Texas, took the first step Thursday toward launching a second presidential bid in 2008, this time as a Republican.

Talk about the answer to a real conservative Republican's prayers. Between the Northeastern leftists Rudolph Giuliani and Mitt Romney and the Constitution-trashing, power- and -attention-hungry John McCain, the GOP field for 2008 was looking positively nightmarish. I don't know what kind of chance Mr. Paul is going to have, but you can be damn sure he'll get my money, and my vote if he gets that far. As the article says, his candidacy is a long-shot, but then once upon a time no one ever thought a California movie star could ever be elected to that office, but Ronald Wilson Reagan proved them wrong -- twice -- and he was a long-shot candidate, too. Don't give up, Mr. Paul. We need you...dear God, do we ever.