Saturday, January 20, 2007

...But It Still Has A Horrible Trigger And Feels Like A Brick...

Via Mr. Chaffin comes this torture test of a Glock 21, and he comments, "My opinion of the plastic gun from Europe goes through the roof."
I don't hate the Glock, really, I don't. Deep down, despite my overwhelming preference for John Moses Browning's exquisite creation, I think all guns are great, except for maybe the pawnshop potmetal poodle-poppers. Notwithstanding the flaws I see in Gaston's plastic pistol, I've considered getting a Glock 20...I've said it before and I'll say it again, over twice the firepower of a .357 Magnum (before a reload) is mighty tempting.
Invariably, though, somebody's going to point to a test like the one here and say, "Ah bet your slabside hunnerd-year-old jam-o-matic can't do thay-ut!" Well, maybe it can't, but to those who would point that out, I would only ask, "What's YOUR point?" No, a 1911 probably wouldn't withstand much past the sand test, even one built to JMB's original specs, but then, I don't suppose he ever thought of designing it to withstand any kind of Glock-type torture test; anyone who has any idea of the original tests the 1911 withstood before the Army adopted it all those years ago, though, knows the Army put Ole Slabsides through quite a test, still. (Some pretty good tests of a Springfield GI 1911 can be found here and here.) You build it to combat specs, and it'll function in a combat build it to match specs, as a lot of 1911s are built, well, maybe not so much.
I know that's pretty much a given with a lot of people, and maybe this is just the old contrarian coming out in me, but I just don't see much point in doing that to a gun. Just for the hell of it, maybe, if I had the money to burn, but other than that, I think I'd just rather read about other folks doing it...entertaining reading, if nothing else.