Thursday, March 16, 2006

Rod Blagojevich's Demented Puppetmaster

Bill Whittle said, in one of his essays, "I should spend an hour a day prostrate and thanking God I was born an American." Those of us who are not gun owners in Illinois should spend another hour a day prostrate and thanking God for that, as well. From the Illinois State Rifle Association web site:
In a statement delivered yesterday, a highly agitated [Richard] Daley [mayor of Chicago] demanded that the state's 1.5 million law-abiding firearm owners trek to Chicago to appear before him and explain why their firearms should not be banned and confiscated.
Why, indeed. My money says Daley and his puppet Rod Blagojevich (the gov. of Illinois) wouldn't understand this, but this is what I'd say to him:

"Because, you would-be tyrant, better, wiser, more moral men than you fought and died -- pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honor -- to see to it that the balance of power between the citizens and their government remains even. I am not your servant -- you are mine. Why should my firearms not be banned or confiscated? Because it is my birthright, my natural right as a human being to have them, once again, a right that better men than you have made the highest sacrifice to protect. I have broken no laws, I have no evil thoughts, I am a peaceble individual. It is neither mine nor my fellow gun owners' fault that your ways of controlling the mutants who prey on your defenseless subjects have failed, and failed utterly. And it's not our fault that you have your head stuck so far up your statist ass that you can't figure that out."

Some might think that harsh, but really, so what? If Daley and his puppet get their way with this "assault weapons" ban, then what's next? A total, UK-style ban on handguns statewide? Really, where would it end? And Daley and his puppet have thus far completely ignored the gauntlet the Illinois firearm manufacturers threw down in saying they'll leave the state if Daley's "assault weapons" ban is passed. The cards are on the table. Do Blagojevich and his master think Springfield, Rock River, Armalite, etc. are bluffing? Do they want to call it? Do the down-staters really mean that little to them? I guess it probably doesn't matter either way to them, because it's not their oxen that are being gored; it was a Chicago-area Democrat in the Illinois House that introduced the bill. (Of course, it would be a spectacle to end all spectacles to see 1.5 million gun owners marching on Chicago -- with their arms. Brings a tear of happiness to this gun owner's eye just thinkin' about it.) We'll see what happens. Let Springfield and all the rest of 'em come to Texas. We love their products here.