Monday, March 20, 2006

More on HCI Grades: The Mad Hatter Takes the Ball and Runs...

...and he scores. (emphasis mine):

if you just went by the percentage of crimes involving firearms, it would seem that the Bradys' Report Cards are justified. However, the A-list's higher overall crime numbers, despite its lower percentages involving firearms, suggest something students of human nature have known for a long time: if you can't commit a crime one way, another way can be found--if you can't use a gun, a knife might do the job just as well.

Here's a fun fact about California that proves my last statement:
over 29,000 of California's robberies were just done by the force of the perp's own strength, without gun, knife, or other instrument. And this state rates high with the Bradys for its attempts to keep guns out of the hands of its peasantry.

A-yup. The damning evidence is right there under the nose of whoever cares to look beyond HCI's "grades." It's a shame you only see the bloggers digging this information up and analyzing it. Of course, on the flip side, I saw nothing of HCI's grades in any of my local media. One would think the Houston Chronicle, at least, would have a blurb on it.
That in itself is encouraging, but still, the lies and deceptions are out there and being propagated every day by gun-grabbers on every corner. And as such they need to be exposed. It's a shame that HCI did not issue these grades in the form of grade-point averages. Some enterprising soul could take the data and plot it on several graphs -- HCI GPAs vs. Actual Crime Rates. It would be interesting to see what kind of equation could be wrung out of that...I have a feeling I already know what the graph would look like...