Monday, March 13, 2006

Another way to cut back on abortions...or, Reason 1,456,348 that Disarmamament Is Wrong And Immoral

From today's Houston Chronicle, a letter from Annette Burrhus-Clay, executive director of the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault (second letter on the page):

...creating a rape exception to sweeping abortion bans would do a disservice to many victims, because few victims report the crime or seek medical attention.
...In Texas, only one in five rape victims reports the crime. Too many survivors are embarrassed or afraid of their attackers, and don't tell anyone about their assault — not even their doctors. If abortions are only available to womif reproductive services (from emergency contraception to abortion) are only available to rape survivors, some women may falsely claim that they were assaulted. An even deeper cynicism than we see today would develop toward women and girls who come forward and say that they were raped.
In addition to jaded questions about her morality and judgment, a victim would be subjected to the insinuation that she is only reporting a rape to access abortion services. That is cynicism we can do without.

While I will admit she has a point, there seems to be one thing that always seems to be overlooked, or even advised against, when the topic of rape, its consequences, or its prevention comes up -- armed resistance. It's often said that "the attacker might take your gun and use it on you." While this is undoubtedly true, there are ways to guard oneself against that, no matter one's gender, and we all know what they alert, on the lookout, and, ultimately...
Be aware of the fact that there are evil people out there capable of and willing to commit unspeakable evil deeds on your person, and act and prepare accordingly.
It's often been said you're not necessarily armed just because you have a gun -- you also must know how to use it and prepare yourself for the possibility of having to use it. However many women there are out there who are armed and prepared to defend themselves with that lethal force in the event of evil being visited upon them, just one woman being unprepared is an unacceptably high number. Not every woman (nor every man, for that matter) should be armed...but women as a whole would be much better off if they all rid themselves of their fear of guns; accepted the fact that lethal force is sometimes acceptable -- even mandatory -- to prevent further harm from coming to themselves or their fellow humans; and, once again, acted and prepared themselves accordingly.

There is no such thing as an armed victim.