Friday, November 06, 2009

Another unintended consequence...

...of the War On Some Drugs...

Suspected serial killer Anthony Sowell seemed like a "civilized person" on the April evening that Tanja Doss went up to his third-floor bedroom for a beer — until, she said, he leapt up and began choking her and threatening to kill her.
The 43-year-old woman told The Associated Press on Thursday that she survived a night of terror through a combination of calm and cajoling, prayer and trickery. But when she escaped the next morning, she didn't tell police. Her past conviction on a drug charge, she said, made it unlikely they'd take her seriously.
"Now, I feel bad about it," she said, "because my best friend might be one of the bodies."

Many say that legalizing drugs would be a bad thing. Would it be worse than situations like this? I would surely not claim that Mr. Sowell would have been caught sooner were it not for this, but I wouldn't dismiss the possibility out of hand either. I'd be interested to see on what kind of charge this woman was convicted. I'd just about bet money it was a misdemeanor, and that's just a damn shame.