Saturday, May 12, 2007

This Is What Happens When Rabid Antis Run Things

One more time, it's great to live in Texas...
(emphasis mine -- ed.)

The Continental Army and the Redcoats may have to go at each other with baseball bats in New Jersey.
Revolutionary War buffs who annually re-enact historic conflicts like the Battle of Monmouth with muskets contend they will be disarmed by a proposed gun ban aimed at modern .50-caliber rifles that gun-control advocates call potential terrorist "sniper" weapons.


"Just about every rifle carried on the American continent prior to 1855 were larger than .60-caliber," said Peter Hefferan of Wantage, a re-enactor and owner of Reactive Technologies, a private firearms consulting operation that works with law enforcement.
"You'll wipe out re-enactors of the American Revolution. The whole concept of the re-enactment is history, and it is required that everything be accurate right down to the threading of the garments and the number of buttons, even the type of buttons," he said.


"We have no intent of damaging or impeding the ability of hunters to hunt or re-enactors to do what they do," said Bryan Miller of Cease Fire New Jersey. "But every time we try to get people from the other side of this debate to help us draft a bill that works, they refuse. If this bill is flawed, it's their own fault."

I just really don't know where even to begin with this. Instead of standing up and raising ten kinds of hell about one more infringement on their natural rights, New Jerseyans are whining about their damned reenactments. I don't know what's worse, that or this arrogant jerk Bryan Miller blaming them for the bill going too far. Maybe if they'd stood up to Miller and those who think like him 40 years ago they wouldn't be here, but no, they had to sit down and actually work with them instead of telling them to go straight to hell. Sickening. I remember back when I was in college, one morning on the classroom TV one of my professors was showing a clip of Bruce Springsteen in concert, talking about all the American landmarks that were in New Jersey, and he mentioned "the Statue of Liberty, which is actually in New Jersey!" No doubt the irony was completely lost on him.