Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Information: Shooters Supply, Beaumont, Texas

Updated, 4-23-07:
It looks like I am still getting some hits for people Googling for Shooters Supply. So it looks like a lot of folks don't know what happened or they're just curious. The store closed last month sometime, apparently. I never made up there again before they closed their doors for good; last time I was up there, I think, was early February. As it happens, though, one of their former employees works at Gander Mountain, catty-cornered from Shooters at Highway 69 & Dowlen. I ran into him a couple of weeks ago as I went over there to browse for reloading stuff and asked him what happened. He told me the shop was doing fine; the owner just decided he wanted to sell off all his inventory & retire. Shame, too, because they were cheaper than Gander Mountain on guns, at least, and they had some good people working there. I know Gander Mountain will match others' prices if you bring in ads, but I try to support the little man when I can, and on that basis if I'd had to choose, I'd have chosen Shooters to buy another gun from. But anyway, that's the story behind that...