Friday, August 11, 2006

A Study in Contrasts; or, The Mewling of Ibrahim Hooper

Adding to the ever-growing list of the atrocities perpetrated on -- and potential atrocities aimed at -- us "infidels," as we are referred to by an unknown number of adherents to the so-called "Religion of Peace," we now have this (emphasis mine -- ed.):

British police said Thursday they thwarted a terrorist plot, possibly just days away, to blow up U.S.-bound jetliners over the Atlantic and kill thousands. Chilling accounts leaked by investigators described a plan on the scale of 9/11 that would use common electronic devices to detonate liquid explosives concealed in sports drink bottles to bring down as many as 10 planes in a nearly simultaneous strike.
...British authorities arrested 24 people based partly on intelligence from Pakistan, where authorities detained up to three others several days earlier. More arrests were expected, the official said. The suspects were believed to be mainly British Muslims, at least some of Pakistani ancestry.

And via Mike Hendrix at Cold Fury comes this Washington Post profile of Little Green Footballs writer Charles Johnson, with this rather telling bit from Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for Islamist front group the Council on American-Islamic Relations:
Ibrahim Hooper, spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a civil rights organization often vilified on Johnson's blog, calls Little Green Footballs "a vicious, anti-Muslim hate site . . . that has unfortunately become popular."

The irony, Hooper says, is that if the same kind of "hatred" that appears on LGF appeared on Muslim sites, it soon would be used by LGF's fans to justify their worldview.

Like many politically themed blogs, Little Green Footballs doesn't always traffic in subtlety and nuance. Dissenting points of view often are dismissed as "idiotarian" or "LLL" (for "loony liberal left"), and Islam is mockingly referred to as "RoP," meaning "religion of peace."

Hooper says the Reuters incident is unfortunate in itself, but says such sites as Little Green Footballs use such lapses "as a club against the entire mainstream media. Their line is basically that if one freelance photographer alters a photo, then everything Israel does must be justified. Or if one of the sentences that Dan Rather once uttered wasn't correct, then the media is corrupt and Dan Rather's whole career is rotten to the core."

Wow. So much idiocy packed into so few column-inches that I hardly know where to begin!
Hatred? So far as I have seen, after reading LGF for about a year, the only hatred posted on Johnson's site comes from the news articles and video clips he posts, about the the activities of the Islamists from all corners of the world, even the good ole U.S. of A. Don't take my word for it. Go see for yourself. Little Green Footballs is, as Bill Whittle says, "a filter (and of course it’s a filter -– that’s why it is useful) that looks at Islamist thinking and behavior daily and shows what Islamists are saying and doing in their own words...He (Charles Johnson) is attacked personally in an attempt to discredit him and his website because the fact remains that almost everything he links to are articles by Islamists, about Radical Islam -– and what they say in their own words is so totally compelling, damning, and downright blood curdling that anyone not seeing the danger brewing does not deserve to be part of this argument."
And, once again, not just their words damn them, but their actions also damn them. Hooper can say what he likes, but, once again, as long as the adherents to his "Religion of Peace" keep blowing stuff up and otherwise terrorizing and killing those who don't worship their god, well, the explosions, gunfire, and the cries of the wounded and the dying, and those of the people they leave behind are what's going to be speaking the loudest about the true desires and intents of the adherents to this "Religion of Peace."
And don't you just love how Hooper spouts that tripe about one freelance photographer distorting a photo? It's as if everything else Johnson posts on LGF -- the Islamists' own words, mind you! -- doesn't even matter to him -- well, of course it doesn't matter to him or his band of terror apologists, but for Hooper to practically come right out and say it just leaves me speechless.
As for Dan Rather, well, just where in the hell has Hooper been since 1981? People have been saying for YEARS now that Rather was a barely-veiled shill for the left. It was only his blatant confirmation of that bias with the fake Texas Air National Guard documents that led to his downfall. Methinks Hooper doth looketh a bit too hard for a reason to whineth. And Big Media, no matter the extent of its integrity, sure as hell isn't any kind of unbiased observer; in addition to the TANG document story, witness the New York Times' obsessive coverage of the so-called "scandal" of the men-only membership of the Augusta National Golf Club, the Associated Press' hit piece on Ronnie Barrett's .50-caliber rifle, and the list goes on and on for as far as the eye can see.
Good grief. Some days it's just too easy. Like shooting fish in a barrel...