Friday, August 04, 2006

Not Much To Say To This...

We've fisked these people over and over, for what seems like time immemorial, and they keep coming back with their utter emotion-driven stupidity...

I know I will hear from the gun nuts and firepower freaks, and they will scream the same old bellicose rant. I'm tired of hearing it.

Well, okay, pansy. No bellicose rant here. Two words, that's all I am gonna say. But first, something else. As I said on the thread at THR, it is indeed 'time to unload on gun stupidity'...

It is time for people to stop assigning malevolent motives to inanimate, morally neutral objects as if they were some sort of talisman.
It is time for people to start holding people accountable for their misdeeds as opposed to holding those aforementioned inanimate objects responsible.
It is time for people to pull their kids out of the insidious muck of gun ignorance manufactured by the media and anti-gunners everywhere.
It is time for our kids to be educated on all the good things that have come about at the barrels of guns wielded by decent and moral men and women throughout history. And likewise, it is time for our kids to be educated on the bad things that have come about when those same decent moral men and women were denied the right to arms.

As for the two words...Molon Labe, Johnny. Come and get them.