Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Observation of the Day: or, You're Not A Gun Snob Until...

Earlier today, Tam was blogging about gun snobbery:

After thirteen years in the gun business, most guns bore me...I'm happy for your new Ruger SP-101 or Ed Brown Kobra, but I'm having to fake the oohs and ahs because I've seen a dozen of them and I can pick up the phone and order a dozen more.

Even as someone who's still fairly new to guns, I can understand that...really, in most cases, a gun is a gun is a gun. Don't get me wrong, a Wilson Combat or Nighthawk custom 1911 pistol is a thing of sheer beauty, but, really, if you've seen one 1911 you've seen them all, at least if they're made from the designs God handed JMB down from the mountain. ;-) And the aforementioned Ruger SP101 is a fine little compact revolver, built like a tank as all Ruger pistols and revolvers are, but it's still based on a design that's well over 100 years old. (Of course, if it's a bona-fide 1911 GI .45 that saw combat on Guadalcanal or Verdun, well, that would definitely merit some ooohs and ahhhs.) But someone nailed the real gun snobs in the comments there...
You're not officially a snob until you start to insult the gun and the owner for getting it.
"Ruger? Couldn't you afford better?"
You've got a long way to go before snobdom.

A-yup. Really, I guess we should all be happy that they're getting guns and not worry so much about makes and such, though if it's a Jennings, Raven or Lorcin or something like that, that's a whole 'nother can of beans. ;-) Seriously, though, I am not a fan of any kind of polymer pistol, as I said, but if that's what folks feel more comfortable with and shoot 'em well, well then, more power to them. Let us all bite our tongues, congratulate them for arming themselves, and beseech God and the spirit of John Moses Browning to show them all the error of their ways. ;-)
/tongue in cheek