Friday, June 30, 2006

The Deception of IANSA, and "The Rules"

A while back, Rebecca Peters, the head of the International Action Network on Small Arms, debated NRA president Wayne LaPierre. If I remember correctly, it was available on pay-per-view in late October of last year and is now available on DVD. IANSA has a transcript of the debate on its website. Apparently, though, substantial portions of that debate were edited out of the transcript. (big surprise there! *snort*) From THR (h/t: Carl N. Brown) comes this:

Rebecca (Peters): Yes, I believe that semiautomatic rifles and shotguns have
no legitimate role in civilian hands. And not only that, handguns
have no legitimate role in civilian hands.

So much for that "not wanting to take Americans' guns," eh? Ms. Peters and her evil minions have also characterized the NRA and American gun owners as hateful and paranoid. Hateful? I don't know if I'd go quite that far, though I do have nothing but contempt for those who would disarm my countrymen and me in what amounted to nothing more than a naked power grab for the all-powerful State. And as far as paranoia is concerned, as the old saying goes, it's not really paranoia if they're out to get you -- which Rebecca Peters, IANSA and the United Nations so obviously are.

Ms. Peters has also been quoted as saying Americans should "abide by the same rules as everyone else." Now, you take that by itself and it sounds good -- fair play for everyone, everyone gets an equal shot, etc. etc. But when you put that statement in the context of history, and you look at how many people have died, how many people have had their God-given rights denied, their lives, liberty and pursuit of happiness taken from them at the hands of various stronger players, be it The State, various criminal elements, radical fundamentalist Muslims, et al, right on up until today, by the rules Ms. Peters and her evil ideological soulmates want us to follow, that's just an incredibly dense thing to say. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering the source, but just who-in-the-bloody-fuck do these people think they are trying to fool? I suppose they probably could put one over on a goodly portion of the American people, but there are many of us who are aware of our history, the sordid history of Europe, and the fact that we as a country did not get to where we are -- more or less at the top of the international food chain -- by following the same corrupt, tyrant-enabling, failure-prone, deadly rules as the folks across the pond. We threw their rulebook out and wrote our own, and it's made us the envy of the world ever since. America ain't in the best shape it's ever been in, but it's far preferable to the cesspool that Europe has been turning into for the last few decades, and now those socialist pukes want to drag us into the pits with them -- that, at its core, is what this UN disarmament conference is all about, I think. There is much to be said about the present state of Europe, but as far as the attempts go at the disarmament of the American people, a commenter at the Geek's place had this to say (emphasis mine):

Let them ban you the possesion of guns and you will not be citizens any more.

You'll be sheep herds, as we are in countries with gun bans.

Here, in "fading" Spain, having a gun (for sporting purposes)is REALLY DIFFCULT, and having a gun to defend yourself is IMPOSSIBLE.

We also don't have the right to defend ourselves: Should I shot an assailant inside my own home (if i had a gun...), an i'd spent next 20 years jailed.

In fact, sould I smack that assailant in the face and harm him, and i'd be in deep trouble with "Justice"...

So, keep it up, people. You are probably the Last Free Country, where people are real citizens. Don't let them take that from you, or soon you'll be sheeps, like we are.

Soon you'll see Europe (and Spain will be first) destroyed and invaded. It's Nature laws. We are week. Don't be week.

Bad luck I weren't born in the USA. Really.

We ignore those warnings at our peril, folks.