Sunday, August 12, 2007

Yet Another RCOB Moment: 60 Minutes, and Stop Snitchin'

Warning -- Profanity alert!
So I made the mistake of watching 60 Minutes tonight, and apparently it was a rerun of an older episode about the whole Stop Snitchin' phenomenon. And this rapper who calls himself Cam'ron actually admitted he wouldn't turn in a serial killer living next door because "it would be bad for business." And all I can say to that is what I told my folks when I heard him say that -- "Anybody who wouldn't turn in a serial killer is a piece of shit." This sentiment was further confirmed when I heard him later say, in what seemed to be a defense of the thug culture, "I just think that rap takes way more slack than the video games and the movies. We don't make guns. Smith and Wesson makes guns...Like, white people make guns and bullets and all we're doing is rhyming and putting words together." And then all I could do was yell out, "Smith and Wesson didn't pull that goddamned trigger, you motherfucker!"
Even my folks were surprised at that...I don't usually get so animated, but my, did that ever piss me off. That was just downright brazen of him to come right out with such bigotry. Rarely are bigots so honest! And it's amazing how Jesse Jackson and his fellow race hustlers never point the finger at those who have attitudes like that and call them out for what they're doing to hip-hop and black culture. Sure it's easier to blame the guns, but Jesse ought to be asking what kind of mentality is bred from the thought that turning in a serial killer is "bad for business."
At least one person sees this mentality for the danger it is, though, and the double standards that those who subscribe to it adhere to. Educator Geoffrey Canada had this to say:
"You don't need someone destroying you when your own people are the worst messengers possibly...And this is what black people in America have not come to grips with. If we had a bunch a people in robes saying this stuff, there would be a movement all over America to shut this thing down. That it's young black millionaires, we are doing nothing."
I really couldn't have said it any better than that...